How to login locally to PingFederate when administrators are managed by PingOne

Published: 06/29/2016

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PingFederate administrators are managed by PingOne. In order to log into PingFederate, the user is authenticated in PingOne then redirected to PingFederate with a token and a session is started. You may wish to be able to log into PingFederate directly as a fall back. This article describes how to log into PingFederate directly without going through PingOne.

To set up users for direct access in PingFederate, please take the following steps:
- Log in to PingFederate with your PingOne administrator.
- Add a new user in PingFederate. See for additional information.
- To access the PingFederate Administration Console without being redirected to PingOne, enter this URL into a browser: https://<ServerName>:9999/pingfederate/app?service=page/directLogin
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