Unable to start Ping service on PingFederate server

Unable to start Ping service on PingFederate server

Published: 11/06/2018

Problem Description:

Unable to start the PingFederate service. After it is started it stops a minute later.


Server.log shows the following error:

2018-11-06 10:14:41,557  DEBUG [org.sourceid.config.ConfigProps] cluster-replication.conf config file not found.  Using defaults (if they exist). java.io.FileNotFoundException: 

2018-11-06 10:14:41,837  ERROR [com.pingidentity.crypto.CertificateServiceImpl] Exception in setupSslClientTrustStore()
org.sourceid.config.ConfigurationException: org.sourceid.config.NoSuchValueException: Unable to locate configuration string value for: TrustKeystoreName in org.sourceid.config.CoreConfig.xml whole map: 

In some instances replacing this org.sourceid.config.CoreConfig.xml file located here:  C:\Program Files\PingFederate_Engine\server\default\data\config-store from a working runtime node will resolve the issue.

In other instances several files may become empty requiring several files to be replaced as follows:

If the service will still not start it is best to backup the affected servers data directory: C:\Program Files\PingFederate_Engine\server\default\data
Then replace the corrupted server/node's data file. Once this is done the service will start and stay started. The data file folder can be corrupted and
this is the last result next to a complete archive restore. 
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