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Published: 03/27/2015
How can I update the software version of the browser extension in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome? How do I know when updates are available and whether or not I have the la ...
Category: Basic SSO, 
Published: 03/23/2015
These instructions will help one install or upgrade AD Connect manually. These instructions are beneficial in the scenario where one is installing a fresh copy of AD Connect or wh ...
Category: ADConnect, 
Published: 03/17/2015
Users running PingID version 1.2 reporting authentication failures on iOS devices
Category: PingID, 
Published: 03/19/2015
This article describes how to migrate the Google Provisioner due to the after the release of the new provisioner on March 27th.
Published: 03/26/2015
As of PingFederate 7.3 certain SSL cipher suites that are insecure have been disabled in the PingFederate server. This can cause compatibility issues with older applications and br ...
Published: 02/24/2015
Google will be deprecating OpenID 2.0 on April 20th, 2015. This article describes how to migrate an Identity Bridge from Google Apps to Google OpenID Connect.
Published: 02/24/2015
This KB outlines the identity bridge types supported in a CAS Lite use case. This is a question asked to SaaS SSO (formerly called APS) administrators
Category: SaaS SSO, Setup, 
Published: 02/24/2015
AD Connect does a license check every hour. If the license check cannot be performed because AD Connect cannot contact PingOne, an error will occur and single sign-on(SSO) service ...
Category: ADConnect, 
Published: 09/07/2014
How to change an application password?
Published: 02/06/2015
The mobile attribute can no longer be updated in Azure, the back-end user store for Office 365. Requests containing updates for multiple attributes, including an update to mobile, ...
Category: Integrations, 

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