103: Configuring the PingID Adapter

Description: This video demonstrates the configuration of a PingID adapter and how to set up a composite adapter with PingFederate and PingID.
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Basic overview of the industry standard OAuth.
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A complete overview of PingID, covering both what the user sees and how the administrator would set that up.
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An all-in-one recording of a PingAccess overview class. We occasionally run a free live version of this class, which you can view from our training calendar.
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This video covers how to set up PingFederate and PingOne together in one integrated process; please note that for earlier versions of PingFederate, this does not apply.
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The PingFederate Overview will introduce you to the PingFederate product. We will discuss where the product fits in your network and give you tips on how to plan for implementing PingFederate.
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As an identity provider, a brief overview and demo walkthrough of creating a connection to a Service Provider partner, using PingFederate 8.0.
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As a service provider, a brief overview and demo walkthrough of creating a connection to an Identity Provider partner, using PingFederate 8.0.
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This presentation goes over configuring PingFederate as an authorization server - how to make an authorization server and give out tokens. February 2015
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In this video, Product Support Engineer Steve Somario discusses what to do when you have created or renewed a SSL certificate, but it is not trusted by certain browsers.
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Hans Zandbelt discusses a deep dive into PingFederate server clustering and demonstrates how to configure a cluster.
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In this video, we demonstrate how to configure a PingFederate server cluster.
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An all-in-one recording of a PingFederate Creating a Connection class. This is a demo of creating a connection between an Identity Provider and a Service Provider.
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PingFederate can be run in the background as a service on either Window or Linux. In this video, Matt Perry steps you through configuring PingFederate to run as a service in Linux.
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Introducing a new feature in PingFederate 7.3: the Federation Hub, to bridge browser-based SSO between identity providers and service providers (regardless of federation protocol).
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Ian Barnett leads a discussion to help understand the common challenge for Service Providers face regarding how to discover the correct Identity Provider for their customer when using SAML and SP initiated workflows.
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In this video, Ivan Mok, Product Support Engineer, demonstrates the concept of issuance criteria in PingFederate.
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Expanding on our shorter video, this is an in-depth guide through configuring and understanding issuance criteria in PingFederate.
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PingFederate’s Just-in-Time (JIT) Provisioning allows SPs to create user accounts “on the fly” during SSO events, based on attributes received from IdPs. This eliminates the need for IdPs to create a user list at the SP prior to turning on SSO.
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Log4j is an open source tool which has been incorporated into PingFederate to provide various level of logging detail. Here, Bart Zaino elaborates on adjusting settings in log4j to achieve the appropriate level of logging for various scenarios.
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As part of a SAML assertion you may need to send group membership extracted from LDAP directory. In this session you will be shown how to use Object-Graph Navigation Language (OGNL) to extract only certain groups from the list to send.
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PingFederate can be configured to use more than one attribute source when mapping values to an assertion. This video will step you through the process of setting up attribute retrieval from multiple data stores.
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Explore how PingFederate can be used to combine SAML with OAuth 2.0. Consider the benefits achieved through the combination of these protocols, and learn how PingFederate can be configured for the OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer Assertion grant type use case.
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TRT recording on using PingOne with PingFederate 7.x. Note that for PingFederate 8.0+, this method does not apply.
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The first objective for anyone wanting to implement SAML in their organization is to accomplish Web Single Sign-On (SSO) to simplify access to various external and internal resources using a single account and password.
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This session focuses on learning about PingFederate's logging functions and offering basic troubleshooting advice. It is moderated by Sid Sidner, Community Evangelist, with Mark Bostley, Director of PIng Identity's Product Support Center, presenting.
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Your version of PingFederate is working just fine. But PingFederate 7.0 has all these cool new features! How do you upgrade to the newer version? What's involved? Come to this session and find out!
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