How to test if AD Connect server is accessible and if AD Connect server has access to PingOne SSO endpoint.

Published: 06/23/2016
1. Test if AD Connect server is accessible.
Point to https://<AD Connect server name> on a browser on any workstation that is member of the domain.
If it returns a page similar to the below, it verifies that IIS server is accessible.
IIS server

2. Test if AD Connect server can access PingOne Token Processor Nodes (TPN) on port 443.
Login to AD Connect server and run Telnet as shown below.
telnet 443
If Telnet can successfully connect it returns something similar to the below.
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
If Telnet cannot successfully connect, you may see connection refused, no response, or some other response.
If AD Connect server does not have Telnet installed, it can be installed.
Refer to Install Telnet Client

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