Remember My Username doesn't function on Chrome

Remember My Username doesn't function on Chrome

Published: 02/11/2016

With PingFederate 8.1, when using the optional HTMLForm Adapter "Remember My Username" option, the check box does not function on Chrome.

The PingFederate HTMLForm adapter has a user-select option to store the username as a cookie when authenticating. By default this option is disabled.

Chrome versions after version 48 have changed support for certain CSS features. As a result of this, the main.css (found under server/default/conf/template/assets/css) shipped with PingFederate 8.1 does not work with Chrome 48 for the "Remember My Username" feature.

This issue is documented under known issues for PingFederate 8.1 and is expected to be resolved in PingFederate 8.1.1.

The workaround for this is to either use the main.css from an older version of PingFederate or to contact Ping Support to obtain a corrected version of this file.

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